How to Deal with Craving Triggers: One Woman’s 100-lbs Weight Loss Secret Revealed!

It’s easy to sabotage even our best laid plans for weight loss. Sudden diet restrictions can be hard for us to manage, especially at the beginning of a weight loss program. Controlling those pesky cravings for unhealthy foods is a challenge many of us have had to face. Sometimes just the idea we can’t have something triggers an even worse craving for it that’s often hard to ignore. One young woman shared how she got around this hurdle in a big way- a 100-lbs way, as a matter of fact. 32 year old Natalie Dean tells us her story In an interview with That’s Life! Magazine.

Natalie explained her story about how she overcame the craving hurdle that had been plaguing her weight loss attempts for years. In her 20’s Natalie had struggled to maintain a healthy weight. By the time she ‘d past the turning 30 benchmark she had already managed to rack up quite a few extra pounds. Weighing in at 260-lbs and fast approaching size 22, she knew she needed to make some drastic changes. But every time she tried restricting her diet, her cravings for something unhealthy only became worse. She’d swear off chocolate one day only to scarf down a huge bar the next, unable to resist the craving triggered by this decision. It seemed just the thought of not being allowed something made it impossible not to give in to indulging her desire to eat the unhealthy food.

So, Natalie decided to try a new tactic with herself. She’d still keep her usual quick-grab veggies on hand for whenever a craving for an unhealthy food came on. Instead of giving in, though, she’d first start munching on those healthy snacks she carried with her at all times to satisfy her hunger. But she also gave herself permission to indulge in the raving if it persisted after 2 days and to not beat herself up about it. Instead of the shame and guilt from cheating on her diet that she’d experienced in the past when she gave into one of her cravings, she got rid of the restriction. Immediately this changed things. Just by allowing herself the permission to satisfy the urge for for something unhealthy if it continued long enough, the overwhelming impulses began to subside.

She also started exercising regularly, beginning slowly with a 30-minute walk every day and eventually worked her way up to regular gym exercise. Before long, she was seeing some huge changes on the scale in the morning.

Her new tactics seemed to have worked for her. After months of commitment to the healthy choices she was making, sticking to a regular exercise program and following a healthy food plan with an occasional craving indulgence allowed, Natalie dropped a remarkable 12 sizes and 100-lbs! She’s now a healthy 160 pounds of lean muscle mass and a size 8 who’s rocking a 6-pack stomach to boot! What a difference changing your mindset can make!